Pelosi Says Boehner Does Not Handle Himself “Professionally”

He’s not leading Congress yet, but the worst House Speaker in US history, Nancy Pelosi, is already lashing out at the GOP leader. Ma Pelosi told reporters that Boehner does not handle himself “professionally” because he is too emotional and cries.
The Hill reported:

Incoming Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said incoming Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is “known to cry.”

You know what? He is known to cry. He cries sometimes when we’re having a debate on bills. If I cry, it’s about the personal loss of a friend or something like that. But when it comes to politics — no, I don’t cry. I would never think of crying about any loss of an office, because that’s always a possibility, and if you’re professional, then you deal with it professionally,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) told the New York Times magazine.

The far left Speaker never fails to outdo herself…
Classy as always.

UPDATE: Just so you know… Pelosi is lying. She cried, too.

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