Party Crashers Run Over Marine Hero in Pickup Truck & Fracture His Skull at Coming Home Party

US Marine Lance Cpl. Marcus Uribe suffered a fractured skull after he was run over by a truck at his coming home party.
CBS4 reported:

Lance Cpl. Marcus Uribe recently returned from his tour of duty unscathed after months of fighting in Afghanistan. But just three weeks later, it would be an incident on U.S. soil that threatened the young Marine’s life.

After high school the 21-year-old Littleton native enlisted in the armed forces. He was deployed to Afghanistan in March.

“I think when he joined the Marines he found that same brotherhood he had when he played on the Columbine football team,” his father Jeff told CBS4.

Uribe returned from his tour of duty in October, but three weeks later an incident on U.S. soil ended worse than any skirmish overseas. The problem started in the early morning hours during at a welcome home party in Surfside Beach, Texas.

Police say some people showed up to the party uninvited and there was a confrontation. At one point authorities say Gerald DeLuna, 22, pointed his truck at partygoers and hit the gas.

Uribe reacted, pushing a bystander out of the way.

“Once he did that he fell, and that’s when the truck had already hit the first three people and then ran over the top of Marcus,” his dad said.

Emergency crews found Uribe with a fractured skull and a man cradling him.

“The police officer told him ‘I need you to let go of him,’ and the man said ‘He saved my life. He saved my life.'”

Uribe was first hospitalized in Galveston, Texas, and is now at Craig Hospital, the Englewood health center that specializes in dealing with patients with head and spinal cord injuries.

The suspect is being held by police.

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