More Hope & Change… Iranian Regime Still Considers "Criminal America" the "Cause of Man's Problems"


More hope and change…
The killer Iranian regime still considers the US as “the cause of man’s problems and calamities in the world.”
Iranian Fars News reported:

Iran’s Armed Forces in a statement issued on Wednesday lashed out at the US for the numerous plots it has hatched against Iran’s Islamic establishment since the onset of the Islamic Revolution in the country.

“The Iranian nation still considers the criminal America as its number one enemy and the main cause of the man’s problems and calamities in the world,” the Armed Forces said in the statement.

The statement further underlined failure of all plans and strategies pursued by the US and anti-revolutionary front against Iran, and said, “There is no doubt that the wise and devoted nation of the Islamic Iran will turn the threats ahead to strategic and determining opportunities to attain the high cause and ideals of the Revolution.”

The statement came a day before countrywide rallies in Iran to mark the 31st anniversary of the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran.

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