Mexican Police Arrest Drug Cartel’s 12 Year-Old Bloody Hitman (Video)

The 12 year-old Mexican hitman was hired by the drug cartels to cut off the the heads and genitals of his victims.

Killer: El Ponchis (ABC)

Here’s video of the bloody 12 year-old hitman:

The boy worked with his sisters!
The Sun reported:


A BOY suspected of being a hitman for a drug gang has been arrested in Mexico – sparking speculation that he may be the sadistic 12-year-old El Ponchis.
Officials said the youngster is thought to have been working as a paid executioner and gunman.

A second child is now being hunted by police according to Pedro Luis Benitez, the attorney general of central Morelos state.

The Sun told last Thursday how El Ponchis – The Cloak – has tortured and murdered dozens of enemies of his cocaine cartel. His trademark involves cutting victims’ throats so violently that their heads are left hanging by a thread. He is said to work with his sisters, who help with body disposal.

Grisly internet videos show him boasting that his gang is paid £1,900 per murder by drug barons whose gangland wars kill 50 people a DAY.

According to the cartel members the boy was the ‘bloodiest hitman’ in the group.

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