London Islamist Protester Was $4 Million Crack Dealer

To protest a cartoon of Muhammad dressed as a bomber, Omar Khayam dressed as a bomber in protest.

The radical Islamist Omar Khayam was arrested and sent sent back to jail in 2006 to serve the rest of his sentence for selling crack, an offense which carries a mandatory death sentence in some Muslim countries:

Omar Khayam is a British Muslim who is known to have been a drug dealer in Bedford, England. He was convicted in 2002 of selling crack cocaine, and sentenced to six years imprisonment. Released on parole in 2005, having served half of his sentence, he hit the headlines after attending protests against the Muhammad cartoons in London dressed as a suicide bomber, less than a year after the 7 July 2005 London bombings which killed dozens of people.

He was featured extensively in news reports, such as on the front page of The Sun who initially asked for his identity amid outrage against his protest endorsing the deaths in London. When tracked down, he initially refused to apologise saying his protest was justifiable. However, apparently following criticism from local Muslims, he came out and apologised alongside local Labour MP Patrick Hall.

After his apology it did not take the newspapers long to find out about his conviction for selling drugs, which are haram (prohibited under Islam), and which carry a mandatory death sentence for trafficking in several Muslim countries.

Khayam was recently arrested again. He was a $4 million crack dealer. reported:

Luton Crown Court was told two police officers stumbled across a heroin and cannabis factory in Ashburnam Road in Bedford on December 3 last year.

They had gone to arrest a man for an unrelated offence. He was not there but they noticed powder on the floor and objects covered by large plastic bags.

Steep sentence: Khayam has received 13 years in prison for his part in the drugs conspiracy
Prosecutor Natalie Carter said the officers returned with colleagues seven minutes later and searched the flat. Two men that were there had escaped through a window.

They recovered 26.2kg of heroin, along with 24.5kg of caffeine and 4.5kg of paracetamol to be used as ‘bash’ to cut the drugs. There was also a third of a kilo of crack cocaine with a street value of £17,500 and £124,795 in cash…

…The street value of the heroin, once it had been cut, was £2.6million. The haul of drugs is believed to be the largest ever seized in Bedfordshire .

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