John Boehner: "There Seems to Be Some Denial On the Part of the President"

That’s putting it nicely…
GOP Leader John Boehner told Diane Sawyer that Obama appears to be in some denial about the message that was sent by the American people.
The Washington Post reported:

Rep. John Boehner, likely to be the next speaker of the House, is on the interview circuit. On Thursday, he sat down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer and discussed a variety of topics, from his position on the Bush tax cuts and his relationship with President Obama to his personal history and his tendency to get emotional.

Asked whether he had seen Obama’s press conference Wednesday after the Democratic Party had lost the House, Boehner said no. “But I’ve read a little bit about it,” he added. “And there seems to be some denial on the part of the president, and other Democrat leaders. The message that was sent by the American people. When you have the most historic election in over 60-70 years, you would think that the other party would understand that the American people have clearly repudiated the policies that they put forward the last two years.”

Boehner has often said his relationship with the president is respectful. Asked what his first sentence would be when he next sees Obama, Boehner said, ” ‘Hello. Nice to see you.’ Now, listen, I have no personal animosity at all towards the president. I get along well with him. And while we disagree, we try to do it in a way that’s — neither one of us are disagreeable.”

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