Joe Biden: Grabbing Your Junk “Is Necessary”

Groping is necessary.

Joe Biden weighed in on the unconstitutional gropings and naked scanning going on at airports across the US. The Vice President said the sexual assaults are “necessary.”
FOX Nation reported on this from The Hill:

Vice President Joe Biden is defending the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) controversial new pat-down technique, calling it a “necessary policy.”

Biden acknowledged people have concerns that the TSA’s use of full-body scanners and pat-downs are frustrating and intrusive but argued they are crucial to prevent another incident like the attempted Christmas Day airline bombing.

“Well look, Larry, maybe because I spend so much time every morning dealing with the threat assessment that’s out there and the fact that it’s real — I understand peoples’ frustration, but I — unless there’s a new technology that comes along pretty quickly, I think it’s — I think it’s a necessary policy,” he said on CNN’s “Larry King Live” program. “I think it will have the effect of saving lives, intercepting explosives.”

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