It Begins… Ohio Woman With Baby Describes Sexual Assault By TSA Agent (Video)

An Ohio woman traveling with a baby was sexually assaulted by a TSA agent. She described her horrible experience with airport security agents on FOX News earlier today.

Sorry, Claire, this was no β€œlove pat.”

Warning: Graphic Language

Ohio Woman Describes Sexual Assault:

β€œShe patted down my arms, my back, my lower back. Then she proceeded to go around my waste band with her fingers inside my waste band. She did tell me she was going to do that. After that she gave me no instruction during the pat-down. She then proceeded to touch my buttocks on both sides with the palm of her hand. She then moved around to the front. Touched the tops of my breasts and underneath my breasts. Again, she gave no instruction that she was going to do that. Then she moved to the bottom of my legs moving all the way up my inner thighs touching my private areas and again she did not tell me that she was going to touch me in any of those places.”

Anyone with any decency knows that waht this woman described is sexual abuse. Anyone who has ever traveled to Israel knows that this assault on ordinary Americans is totally unnecessary.

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