Rocker Springstein Bashes Americans For Not Supporting Obama’s Radical Agenda

It looks like it’s time to torch a few Springstein CDs.
The idiot leftist rocker bashed Americans for not supporting Obama’s radical agenda.

The Telegraph
reported, via FOX Nation:

The 61 year-old rock legend, a high-profile supporter of the US President, railed against critics for their use of the “most extreme language” to describe “the most modest reforms” being introduced by Mr Obama.

The singer-songwriter, whose song The Rising became a theme of the Democrats’ “Vote for Change” events, said there was a “tremendous distortion of information” in American politics.

The “Born in the USA singer”, who has won 20 Grammys award, an Oscar and sold more than 120m records worldwide, appeared to also blame wealthy Washington lobbyists for hampering Mr Obama’s reform agenda.

“There’s a widespread political consciousness that’s perhaps deeper in Europe than it is in the States,” he told the Sunday Times magazine.

“The climate [in America] is very, very ugly for getting things done. The moderate reforms President Obama fought to make are called Marxist, socialist.

“I mean, the most extreme language is put into play to describe the most modest reforms that would move the economy back towards serving a majority of its citizens.”

Maybe The Boss didn’t notice but federal spending is up 84% under Obama, the deficit has tripled, unemployment has doubled and he’s nationalized anything he can get his hands on.
Keep to singing, Springstein.

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