Slaughter at Baghdad Church- 52 Killed Including 3 Priests During Al-Qaeda Siege (Video)

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It’s All Saints Day

Three priests were killed during a siege on a Baghdad Church. As many as 100 people were taken hostage during a worship service by Al-Qaeda members wearing explosive vests. 52 people were killed during the siege.

The Al-Qaeda affiliate, Islamic State of Iraq, took credit for the attack on their website.

Iraqi security forces and wellwishers surround an Iraqi youth after his release from a hostage situation at the Sayidat al-Najat church following a rescue operation by Iraqi and US forces in Baghdad’s Karrada neighbourhood. (AFP)


The Al-Qaeda killers immediately killed the priest when they broke into the chuch.
VOA reported:

Iraqi officials say 52 people, including at least 30 worshipers, are dead following a bloody standoff at a Baghdad Christian church.

Iraqi forces stormed the church late Sunday, hours after militants burst into the building, taking more than 100 people inside hostage.

It is not clear how many people were killed by the militants and how many died during the rescue effort. Officials said 70 people were wounded.

Survivors say the militants entered with guns firing and immediately killed one of the priests at point-blank range.

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The Pope condemned the brutal attack.

Please remember the Iraqi Christians in your thoughts and prayers.

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