Health Officials Fear Haiti Travelers May Be Bringing Cholera to Florida

Contributed by K. Solomon–
Question: Any idea how many flights from Haiti arrive in Miami on a daily basis?
…At least seven. Each day.

Question: Do you know why I’m asking the question ?
…Didn’t think so.

Read this from the Sun-Sentinel:


Florida’s health department is asking doctors statewide to be prepared for possible cholera cases here as Haiti grapples with the dual calamities of Tropical Storm Tomas and a waterborne outbreak that has sickened 4,649 and killed 305 on the island.

“We can expect that some travelers returning from Haiti may become symptomatic with cholera en route to, or shortly after arrival in Florida,” the letter warns.

It can take anywhere from five hours to five days after exposure for a person to develop the symptoms.


Hey, I’ve a novel idea….. Stop me if you’ve heard something like it before.
NOTHING… NOTHING comes into Florida from Haiti as of this second until the CHOLERA outbreak is gone.

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