Happy Birthday US Marines… National 911 Flag Tour to St. Louis

Happy Birthday US Marines.
235 years young…

That ad still makes me tear up. What a wonderful tribute to the Marines and this nation.

Invitation to Participate in the 9/11 Flag Project on November 11, 2010 at Soldiers Memorial

Jim –
Will you help spread the news about this? My aunt and uncle are among the leaders of a nationwide effort to repair an American flag that was shredded in the WTC collapses. It’s going to all 50 states, and they’re inviting service members and vets to sew a stitch on the flag to restore this Old Glory to its former glory. They’re wanting to have it finished in time for the 10 year remembrance of the attacks. Here’s the web site:


The flag will be in St. Louis on 11/11/10 at the Soldier’s Memorial in
downtown St. Louis, and will next be in Dallas and Ft. Hood on 11/18 and 11/19.

Help spread the word, please!

Scott in St. Louis

Here you go, Scott.

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