Fraud– State-Run Media Withholds Information: Neglects to Report That Ahmed Ghailani Delivered Explosives That Killed 2oo Innocents

Former Gitmo terrorist Ahmed Ghailani was cleared Thursday in all but one charge in the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed over 200 innocents.

Ghailani confessed to delivering the explosives in the case. But, this was evidence was never allowed in court. The radical activist judge pretty much threw out the government’s case when he announced last month that he would not allow testimony from accomplice Hussein Abebe that Ghailani delivered the explosives. The information was discovered after Ghailani was interrogated at Gitmo so the judge threw it out. As a result of this judge’s action, Ghailani will serve only 20 years or less for the murder of over 200 people.

Of course, in their report yesterday on the verdict, the AP omitted the fact that Ghailani had confessed to delivering the explosives in the mass murder. They had to cover this up for Obama since this civilian trial was complete disaster for the administration. This is what you call media fraud.

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