2010 Election Exit Polls: Youth Vote- Down… Black Turnout- Down (Video) …Update: Record Conservative Turnout in Play

FOX News just reported that exit polling shows the youth vote is down “pretty low” and black vote is down. The black turnout is lower than it was in 1994.

“A lot of anger. A lot of anger at Barack Obama and democrats.”

More… BG added this:


FOX News Tea Party Zone

Tea Party Express Live Coverage

UPDATE: ABC is reporting that there is “a record conservative turnout is in play.”
Eighty-eight percent of voters today say the national economy’s in bad shape.

Ace has more on the Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio races.

Drudge has this: EXIT POLLS:
IL 49-43 Kirk [R]… KY 55-44 Paul [R]… NV TIED…

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