Elderly Woman With 2 Artificial Knees Describes Sexual Assault By TSA in St. Louis: “I Was Shaking & Crying… I Likened it to Being Raped” (Video)

A Chicago woman with two artificial knees set off the metal detectors at Lambert St. Louis Airport this week. The TSA agents then took her aside and groped her. The woman said they touched her “private parts.” She told KMOV reporters, “I felt like I had been raped.”
St. Louis KMOV reported:

Yeah… She looks like a terrorist.
The woman Penny Moroney described the assault:

I was shaking and crying when I left that room…. (She told agents) I would prefer to use the body scanner and I was told they were not available. (A patdown was the only alternative.) Her gloved hands touched my breasts went between them. Then she went into the top of my slacks; inserted her hand between my underwear and my skin and put her hand up on the outside of my slacks and patted my genital area… I likened it to being raped.

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