Didn’t We Already Know This?… Claire McCaskill Announces “I Am Not Disloyal to Obama”

Radical Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill told reporters today, “I am loyal to Obama.”

Of course, this was not news to Missouri voters. Democrats sure didn’t have to take her in the backroom during the Obamacare vote. McCaskill has ALWAYS been a dependable vote for the Obama-Pelosi regime.
The Hill reported:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said she’s not “disloyal” to President Obama, but is willing to differ with him and other Democrats when necessary.

The centrist Missouri senator said she believes Obama has done many good things, and sidestepped a fellow Missouri lawmaker’s warning that distancing herself from the president would be “an act of disloyalty.”

“I am certainly not afraid to oppose the president or members of my party if I disagree with them. But that doesn’t mean I’m disloyal to this president,” McCaskill said Wednesday during a conference call with Missouri reporters. “I think he was the right choice for our country at the right time. I think many of the things he’s done should be admired, and have been good.”

Thanks for the soundbite, Claire.

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