Despite Latest Propaganda… Doctors Forced to Cut Elderly Patients Due to Medicare Costs

You just have to love the propaganda pushed by this radical administration…
The latest taxpayer funded Medicare ad running on television claims that American seniors can expect all kinds of new services and goodies now that Obamacare has passed.

Watch this ridiculous ad then read the article below.

Too bad it’s only an ad.
The reality is that doctors today are forced to shift their practices away from seniors due to cuts in Medicare.
The Washington Post reported:

Want an appointment with kidney specialist Adam Weinstein of Easton, Md.? If you’re a senior covered by Medicare, the wait is eight weeks.

How about a checkup from geriatric specialist Michael Trahos? Expect to see him every six months: The Alexandria-based doctor has been limiting most of his Medicare patients to twice yearly rather than the quarterly checkups he considers ideal for the elderly. Still, at least he’ll see you. Top-ranked primary care doctor Linda Yau is one of three physicians with the District’s Foxhall Internists group who recently announced they will no longer be accepting Medicare patients.

“It’s not easy. But you realize you either do this or you don’t stay in business,” she said.

Doctors across the country describe similar decisions, complaining that they’ve been forced to shift away from Medicare toward higher-paying, privately insured or self-paying patients in response to years of penny-pinching by Congress.

Democrats just cut over $500 billion from Medicare with their new Obamacare health plan. Good luck seniors finding a doctor. Things are only going to get worse.

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