Counter-Protesters Snuff Out Westboro Cult Picketers in Virginia

When will the Westboro cult leaders be arrested for child abuse?

Just wondering.

Over 200 counter-protesters snuffed out 5 Westboro cult members protesting in Virginia this morning.
Inside Nova reported:

Members of the radical group Westboro Baptist Church picketed at Woodbridge High School this morning, but they were outnumbered.

Prince William police say five people from the extremist Kansas-based group showed up for the 7 a.m. protest. At least 200 counter-protesters were there, too.

The counter-protesters carried signs bearing positive messages and sung “God Bless America.”

Traffic backed up on Old Bridge Road during the spectacle. Some motorists honked and yelled out the windows.

The Westboro group — known for its anti-gay sentiments and picketing military funerals –planned to head over to the Coast Guard recruiting station by Potomac Mills Mall for another protest this morning. A counter-protest was planned there, too, spearheaded by the brother of a soldier killed in Iraq.

That protest didn’t materialize, but many anti-Westboro picketers rallied along Smoketown Road near Prince William Parkway.

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