Confirmed: TSA Says It Can Fine Americans $11,000 Who Back Out of Abusive Pat-Downs

More hope and change…

The TSA threatened today that it can fine travelers who back out of the abusive pat-downs.
ABC reported:

The day before Thanksgiving will be the pre-holiday ritual of long lines, frustration — and National Opt-Out Day, a movement calling on alrline passengers to forego the controversial new body scanning machines in favor of manual security pat-downs.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it can fine individuals up to $11,000 for walking away from the airport security process. But will it? People in government say the fine is mostly a deterrent so that terrorists cannot back out of a security check once it starts.

The TSA said it has yet to fine a traveler for not completing the screening process, though it has levied civil penalties against passengers who have brought dangerous items to the security checkpoint.

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