Confirmed: Obama Administration Lied to US Public to Push Their Drilling Moratorium

In May, Barack Obama, the worst jobs president since the Great Depression, announced that he would limit new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama knew his moratorium would cost at least 23,000 jobs but went ahead with it anyway. After all, what’s another 23,000 jobs when you’ve lost several million already?

In June
it was reported that Team Obama fudged a report to support their drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. A group of oil drilling experts claimed that the Obama Administration misrepresented their views in order to put a hold on drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.
FOX News reported:

The seven experts who advised President Obama on how to deal with offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon explosion are accusing his administration of misrepresenting their views to make it appear that they supported a six-month drilling moratorium — something they actually oppose.

The experts, recommended by the National Academy of Engineering, say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar modified their report last month, after they signed it, to include two paragraphs calling for the moratorium on existing drilling and new permits.

Salazar’s report to Obama said a panel of seven experts “peer reviewed” his recommendations, which included a six-month moratorium on permits for new wells being drilled using floating rigs and an immediate halt to drilling operations.

“None of us actually reviewed the memorandum as it is in the report,” oil expert Ken Arnold told Fox
News. “What was in the report at the time it was reviewed was quite a bit different in its impact to what there is now. So we wanted to distance ourselves from that recommendation.”

Today a new report from the Inspector General accuses the Obama administration of rewriting key sections of the report in order to falsely give the impression that the panel had made that recommendation.

Let’s hope Republicans delve into this scandal after they take over the House in January.
This is criminal.

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