Breaking: Stick a Fork In It… Dem Melissa Bean Goes Down in Flames- Joe Walsh Takes IL District 8 …Update: Bean Concedes

From a trusted source…
Republican Joe Walsh leads Obama-Pelosi liberal Melissa Bean by 297 votes in the Illinois District 8 Congressional election.
There are only 80 provisional ballots left to count.

Not even Bruno the Bone-Crusher can save Melissa Bean now:

Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL) brought Bruno the Bone-Crusher with her to a town hall meeting in August to threaten constituents. The meeting was held at Round Lake, Illinois Public library on Thursday August 12. The Obamacare-supporting democrat allowed the thug to roam around the room to intimidate constituents from asking questions.

Buh-Bye, Melissa Bean.

More… FOX News is now reporting that Walsh has widened his lead over Bean.

UPDATE: From sources– Melissa Bean is holding a press conference on Wednesday. Bean conceded the race tonight.

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