Bobby Jindal Mocks Obama’s Security Strategy as a “Treatise on Social Justice” (Video)

Jindal Nails It–
Popular Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called Barack Obama’s approach to fighting terrorists as a “treatise to social justice.”
Barack Obama is the most radical far left president in American history.

Jason Mattera interviewed Governor Jindal at Human Events:

Jindal blasted Obama’s far left nuttiness during the interview:

“We’ve been lucky with…the Time Square bomb, the underwear bomber. Being lucky is not a strategy. The reality is we’ve been playing defense instead of playing offense…”

“Why in the world do we have TSA examiners who are groping 6-year-old children flying home to see grandma for the holidays? Why in the world are we acting like we don’t have intelligence assets and common sense? Not using our intelligence and not using our common sense, that’s called dumb. This is a dumb strategy that we’re pursuing.”

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