Aw Shucks… I Forgot to Wish Media Matters a Happy Halloween

Poor Soros-funded Media Matters. They didn’t make it inside for the White House Halloween Party last night.
That’s too bad.
We know how they love that dried fruit.
Hmm…Hmm… Hmm…

To add insult to injury… For some odd reason… This little joker got in.

You’d be angry, too.

Media Matters was so upset about the party that they wrote about it.
Here’s my favorite part:


As we’ve documented extensively, Jim Hoft’s pathological hatred for President Obama and all things liberal leads him to regularly make a fool out of himself. He often posts images that not only don’t support his argument — Obama “flipping off” John Boehner with two fingers comes immediately to mind — but raise questions about how someone who is so intellectually bankrupt can manage to wield such influence in conservative media circles.

Poor babies. You’re feeling a little raw this morning, aren’t-cha?
You betcha.

Look on the bright side… Now you’ll know what to wear to make it inside next year.

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