Ruh-Roh… Westboro Cult Carries “God Hates Islam” & “Imams Rape Children” Signs at Dearbornistan Protest (Video)


Westboro cult members carried anti-Islam signs outside the Dearborn Islamic Center today.

This was crazy…

The Westboro cult protested outside the Dearborn Islamic Center today with anti-Islam signs.
Press and Guide reported:


A Kansas church group known for protesting soldiers’ funerals was here this morning, holding an anti-Muslim demonstration at the Islamic Center of America.

As parents dropped their children off at the Muslim American Youth Academy next-door to the mosque, three members of the Westboro Baptist Church stood on a grassy median along Altar Road, carrying signs that said, “Imams are pedophiles,” and “God hates Muslims.”

On the other side of the driveway was a larger counter protest of about 25-30 people. The group and the causes they identified with were diverse.

Some there said they were representing Muslims upset about what they saw as a hateful attack on their faith.

Others wore their Christian caps and for the most part said they were there to denounce what they consider to be an “un-Christian” message.

There were secular types, too. Michigan militia members lined up with the counter protesters and said they were there to “keep citizens safe.” Some people identified themselves only as residents that disagreed with Westboro’s stance, which is most often anti-gay.

Dearborn police provided security for the protest, keeping the two groups separated throughout. The protest lasted only a half hour, from 8-8:30 a.m.

The Westboro cult will protest in the Detroit area today.

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