Alan Grayson's Closing Argument: Vote For Me So I Can Tell Glenn Beck to Stick It

Alan Grayson’s closing argument: Vote for me so I can tell Glenn Beck to stick it.

If we’re lucky, this will be the last we hear from Alan Grayson. If we’re not so lucky, MSNBC will hire him on as a talk show host after the voters tell him to stick it tomorrow.
The Blaze reported:

I’d like to win on Tuesday. For the sake of the battered middle class in America, the jobless, the homeless, the sick, the poor, the hungry and the desperate. But I would also like to win so that I can tell Glenn Beck to stick it. So that we can all tell Glenn Beck to stick it.

Please contribute to our campaign today, the “Glenn Beck MYOB Fund.” Because you’ll feel really happy, making Glenn Beck feel sad.

Alan Grayson

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