What the F***?… DNC Promotes F***ing Awesome Band at Obama Rally

F***ing Awesome!

The DNC is promoting a f***ing awesome band at an upcoming Obama rally.
FOX News reported:

The Democratic National Committee is promoting an upcoming rally for President Obama by sending out a blog that touts the musical act preceding him as “f—ing awesome.”

A DNC spokesman blasted out an e-mail alert Monday that included a post from the Philadelphia City Paper’s website. The paper reported that hometown heroes The Roots would be performing at Obama’s Oct. 10 rally in Philadelphia.

“You heard it here first: Just got word from a Democratic source that The Roots, who campaigned for Obama in 2008 and are f—ing awesome, will perform next Sunday as part of President Obama’s Move America Forward Rally,” the City Paper reported without editing the explicit language.

Cool. If you don’t like Obama’s radical policies at least you can see a f***ing awesome band.
Since you’re out of work anyway.

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