UNREAL– Carnahan Funneled Cash Through Séance Group to Pay For Smear Project Against Ed Martin

I See Dead People.

Just in time for Halloween…
It looks as though Russ Carnahan funneled cash through a séance group to pay far left investigators to create a smear project against conservative Ed Martin.

This ghostly stunt may have broken election rules.

24th State broke this story today.
Enough with the teasing.  Here are Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.


That’s not all…
A former Dateline Producer was also involved with this project.

Award-winning journalist Jeannine Dillon, behind the TheRealEdMartin smear website, teamed with opposition researcher Michael Corwin on a supposed independent investigation based on research paid for by the Carnahan campaign. Several suspicious payments, including two to an Arizona research department looking into communicating with the dead put their story into question.

Michael Corwin is an opposition researcher behind TheRealEdMartin smear website. He told reporters at the Daily Caller, Riverfront Times, Fox 2, and the St Louis Beacon that he was paid $2000 by a media firm hired by the Russ Carnahan campaign to do opposition research. In June, he claims he quit the campaign over disagreements about airing his hit piece on Ed Martin. The Carnahan camp reportedly thought it would offend Catholics. But this week the hit piece was released anyway.

There’s much more on Carnahan’s prank at 24th State.

You can help Ed Martin defeat this Pelosi-Democrat by donating to his campaign here.

Reboot Congress has more on the Carnahan smear campaign.

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