Unpopular Spitgate Rep. Cleaver Loses Ground to GOP Challenger

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, the notorious “spitgate” liberal, is in the race of his life.

Rep. Cleaver claimed he was spit on during the democratic healthcare assault this year. Video clearly showed this never happened. He later retracted the statement.

Cleaver, who has a 46% disapproval rating and a 100% Pelosi poodle rating, is leading Republican Jacob Turk by 9 points in district where he easily won in 2008.
The Missouri Record reported:

Candidate Jacob Turk’s campaign just released a survey conducted by Scott Rasmussen’s Pulse Opinion Research indicating a closer-than-you-would guess race in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District.  The survey has Rep. Cleaver at 52% to Turk’s 43%, with margin of error of +/- 4%.  Moreover, Cleaver has earned a disapproval rating of 46%.

In a year where Democrats face bad news on every front, even safe seats are within the grasp of the GOP.  Why not Cleaver’s too?  Heck, The Kansas City Star reported that in the KC area, Roy Blunt polls 18 points better than Robin Carnahan.

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