Top Socialist Democrat Jan Schakowsky Won't Condemn Gaza Flotilla Terrorists to Pesky Bloggers (Video)

Rep. Jan Schakowsky Won’t Admit to Membership in Democratic Socialists of America!
This hardcore leftist is too ashamed to admit to her socialist associations!

Top Democratic Socialist Rep. Jan Schakowsky would not condemn the Gaza Flotilla terrorists this weekend during and after her debate against Republican Joel Pollak in Chicago:

This was beautiful.
She would not even admit to being a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.
What a Great Video——————
Via Founding Bloggers:

On October 17, 2010, Democrat Congressperson Jan Schakowsky and her Republican challenger, Joel Pollak, faced off before a largely Jewish audience in Chicago to address Israel-specific foreign policy issues. After the forum was over, we attempted to ask both candidates a number of questions not specifically covered during the Candidates’ Forum. While Mr. Pollak was more than willing to answer our questions, Representative Schakowsky proved to be more reticent.


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