Supporters Cheer "Viva Ruth!" & "Si Se Puede!" at Ruth McClung's Debate with Democrat-Socialist Raul Grijalva (Video)

The conservative rocket scientist Ruth McClung was charged up last night.
And, the crowd was fired up, too.
Her supporters chanted “Viva Ruth!” and “Si Se Puede!” (Yes, it can be done!) at her debate last night with Rep. Raul Grijalva, one of the top socialist-democrats in Congress today.

Raul Grijalva must be pretty nervous, because the crowd loved Ruth McClung at her first debate… And he’s down or tied in the latest polls from his liberal district. Maybe the voters there don’t appreciate that he urged the nation to boycott his own state?

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MONEY BOMB TODAY———————– Money Bomb for Ruth!
Yesterday was a HUGE liftoff to stardom for our very own rocket scientist Ruth McClung!

Besides being linked on all the big blogs (like Michelle Malkin, The American Spectator, and Gateway Pundit), she was endorsed by Sarah Palin and will be featured on Sean Hannity’s show this afternoon!

Why all of a sudden? Two new polls by Magellan and Summit show that she is in a dead heat with Raul Grijalva, the man who called for a boycott of Arizona. Congressional District 7 has turned into one of the biggest sleeper races in the entire country, with Ruth rocketing ahead!

So what can you do to help Ruth beat Grijalva?

Ruth’s supporters have put together a money bomb website for her called Goodbye Grijalva (click the link!). The point is to have thousands of people donate a headline-grabbing amount of money all in one day. Certainly you can donate beforehand, but the point is to have it all pour in at once!

So on Thursday, October 14, visit and donate to Ruth anything you can give her. We need to break fundraising records here!

The rumor from the Grijalva camp is that the DCCC is going to start running TV ads in District 7 as early as tomorrow painting Ruth as a racist extremist (just look at this blog post from Mona Grijalva that plays the race card). She needs all the help we can give her to fight off these baseless attacks on her good character!

So please consider sending $10, $20, $50, $100 or more her way on Thursday, October 14! And make sure to forward this message to everyone you know!

Ruth McClung will also be debating Raul Grijalva on Wednesday, October 13 at the Pima Community College Desert Vista Campus located at 5901 South Calle Santa Cruz in the Pueblo Building (here is a map).

The doors open at 4 PM and close at 4:45 so the debate can start at 5. Please try to arrive before 4 PM to ensure you get a seat, as Grijalva will try to pack it with his supporters!

We need to show that Ruth is the one with all the support!

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