SHOCKING!… Unhinged Goon Chokes Jesse Kelly Supporter (Video)

If You Can’t Beat Them, Choke Them–

This goon had heard enough.
Don’t expect this to make it on the front page:

Jesse Kelly supporter James Massee was exercising his 1st Amendment rights when a Gabrielle Giffords supporter came up and choked him.

Publius Pundit reported:


At the first debate at the University of Arizona between Democrat Gabrielle Giffords and Republican Jesse Kelly, a fictitious group called Republicorp showed up trying to convince people that the Republican Party is bought off by Wall St (despite the FACT that most contributions from Wall St went to Obama).

Well, it appears that these may be the Chicago goons we were looking for. Since they cannot tolerate any dissent, one of the “Republicorp” liberal activists tried to shut up a Jesse Kelly supporter who was telling the crowd about Gabrielle Giffords’ record of voting with Nancy Pelosi… By choking him.

Here’s the video:

Republicorp is a Soros-funded creation.

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