Party Crashers– St. Louis "Democorps" Group Crashes Local Restoring Sanity Rally (Video)

Several officials from the local Democorps organization crashed the St. Louis Regional Restoring Sanity or Fear Rally at the St. Louis Arch.

The Democorps group was there to promote backroom deals, bribes, shovel ready paybacks, big bulky government, 2000 page bills that nobody reads, socialism and more government control. The group was a huge hit with the leftists assembled on this lovely day in St. Louis.

You may even recognize a few of the local members.

Democorps – All Your Votes Are Belong To Us


By the way… They didn’t have much of a turn out here for their rally.

Here we are on top of the steps by the St. Louis Arch.

Reboot Congress has more from the rally.

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