Oops!… NAACP Accuses Tea Party of Jew-Bashing – Forgets to Scrub Anti-Semites From Their Roster

Will The Real Anti-Semites Please Stand Up

The far left attack dogs at the NAACP released a report yesterday accusing the tea party of being linked to hate groups and anti-Semites. This follows their bogus racist attacks on the tea party movement back in July that created a national uproar.

Funny… This seems like an odd tactic for an organization that hosted notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan at one of their summits where he jibber-jabbered racist non-sense about whitey.


Minister Louis Farrakhan addressed the NAACP Unity Summit in 1997.
The crowd loved him.

Rev. Louis Farrakhan denounced the “slavemasters” during his talk.
The crowd loved him.

That’s not all…
The NAACP also had Jeremiah “G*d D*mn America” Wright speak at an event, too.

Don’t expect the state-run media to discover this.

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