Obama Endorses Friend Alexi Giannoulias … By TelePrompter (Video)

Obama also read his praise for “my good friend” Dick Durbin from the TelePrompter:

(At 4:00 Obama praised Alexi Giannoulias- by TelePrompter)

The Examiner reported:

President Barack Obama flew in and out of Chicago on Friday. The short, 3-hour visit was for the purpose of appearing at a pair of fundraisers for struggling Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias.

The first event was yet another fundraiser for Giannoulias who is running neck-and-neck with Mark Kirk for the US Senate seat Obama previously held to represent Illinoisans. This one was held up the Magnificent Mile at the Drake Hotel. Attendees needed to pay from $500 to $2,400 per person.

After that, Obama made an appearance at the home of a well-to-do near-northsider where another pricy fundraising event was being held…

…Also, with each visit, Obama’s enthusiasm for endorsing Democratic candidates during his endorsement-trips is becoming noticeably less enthusiastic. In fact, Obama’s lack of enthusiasm and sincerity was mentioned across the local networks after Obama left town on Friday. There were reports of Obama reading his comments about Giannoulias verbatim from a teleprompter. There was said to be no personal anecdotes to give any sort of personal connection between Obama and Giannoulias, regardless of how much Giannoulias wants the public to think they’re chained at the waist in comradery. Obama simply came to town, again told Illinois to vote for him, and left.

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