Obama Administration May Set Gitmo Killer Free Who Murdered US Soldier in Grenade Attack

Because terrorists are people, too.

Omar Khadr faces five war crimes charges that include murder.
In July 2002, Omar Khadr threw a grenade that blew up an American soldier in Afghanistan.

Khadr was wounded and captured during this same firefight.
After his capture a video was found that shows Khadr toying with detonating cord as other men including Abu Laith al-Libi assemble explosives in the same house that had been destroyed in the firefight. He was also seen planting landmines while smiling and joking with the cameraman. It has been suggested that these were the same landmines later recovered by American forces on a road between Gardez and Khowst- Wiki.

Khadr was injured in the firefight and begged to be killed…
But US medics saved his life.

Instead, of facing death, Khadr may be set free.
Khadr’s lawyers are working on a plea deal.
The AP reported:


A plea deal that would reportedly keep a Guantanamo prisoner in custody for eight more years isn’t sitting well with a key witness against him: a former Army sergeant who was partially blinded and lost a friend in the firefight that led to the alleged al-Qaida militant’s capture.

Layne Morris said Friday that Canadian-born Omar Khadr should get at least 20 years in prison, and perhaps much longer.

“They ought to lock him up until he’s no longer a threat, and if that’s for the rest of his life, so be it,” Morris said in an interview with The Associated Press a day after Khadr’s lawyers disclosed they were negotiating a possible plea deal.

Khadr, who was 15 when he was captured following the firefight in Afghanistan in 2002, was originally scheduled to go on trial Monday at the U.S. base in Cuba. He faces war crimes charges that include murder for allegedly throwing a grenade that killed Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a special forces medic from Albuquerque, New Mexico. If convicted, he faces a maximum life sentence.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper continued Friday to avoid wading into reports that a plea deal is in the works for Canadian Omar Khadr.

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