NPR: Where "Teabag" Videos Are Defended But Blaming 9-11 on Muslims Will Get You Fired

National Public Radio used taxpayer dollars to bash teabaggers on their website–
“Learn to Speak Teabag”

The video poked fun of the angry teabaggers showing their Nazi and Stalin signs.

Here is the video from the NPR website:


After a controversy erupted over this nasty liberal cartoon last year NPR posted a response on their website. NPR executives said they would not apologize for the cartoon by Mark Fiore, nor would they remove it from the NPR site. NPR did however enlarge the word “OPINION” on the page where Fiore’s cartoon appears and labeled it his “personal take” on the issue.

Byron York wrote more on the controversy at The Washington Examiner including this:

So there will be no apology, no withdrawal, and no further steps to provide balance in commentary. Right now, what balance there is can be found in the comments section. “This should be on the Democratic National Committee website,” one California listener wrote. “Why did NPR allow this? I’ll tell you why. The people who allowed it have the same views.”

Indeed. They didn’t see anything wrong with it because they agreed with it.

Last night NPR fired Juan Williams for admitting that he gets nervous when he sees Muslims on an airplane.

P.J. Salvatore at Big Journalism has more evidence of blatant bigotry allowed on NPR.

UPDATE: Via InstapunditA call to defund NPR.

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