More Trouble in Bell, CA: $100,000 in Breast Cancer Donations Goes Missing (Video)

Los Angeles Times reporter Jeff Gottleib released a list of Bell city officials and their extravagant salaries in a July report. The citizens of Bell were outraged by the revelation and drove the officials from office. Many of these corrupt democrats were arrested.

But there’s more…
Approximately $100,000 in breast cancer awareness money was given over several years to the Steelworkers Oldtimers Foundation run by George Cole, an ex Bell Councilman also arrested last month… It’s missing.

Yesterday a citizen journalist tried to find out what happened to the donations.
The result was predictable.

From the video:


It is reported that the City of Bell raised around $100,000 from multi-year Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers in the City of Bell. Teresa Jacobo helped head that effort and the citizens of Bell have been trying to find out where those charitable funds went and if they were ever applied to Breast Cancer Awareness organizations. Here Jacobo is confronted for the first time since her release from jail. Jacobo states the funds were turned over to the Steelworkers Oldtimers Association which until his arrest last month was headed for many decades by George Cole, former City of Bell Councilman. George Cole signed the tax records for Oldtimers that contained incomplete information. So incomplete the California Attorney General gave the organization 30 days to revise the documents. Apparently many millions in municipal contracts were not disclosed on the forms in the appropriate legal manner.

Ron Vera, attorney for the Southeast Cities Schools Coalition, tries to shield Jacobo from the questions and camera.

The Southeast Cities Schools Coalition has a Governing Board that includes a Councilman from the financially failed city of Maywood, a recently arrested Councilwoman from the failed City of Bell, and others from Southeast Los Angeles Cities with close ties to the recently arrested George Cole of the Oldtimers Association. Cole was also a City of Bell Councilman for many years during which time many shady city transactions occurred. Video shot at Vernon City Hall, Vernon California on October 14th, 2010

Could you even imagine if these crooks taking money from breast cancer victims were Republicans?

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