Michelle Obama Begs Voters to Give Her Husband More Time to Forge the Change

Please! No more change…
Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. The Obama-Pelosi economic plan resulted in a cumulative 7.5 million jobs deficit. By every objective measure the democrat’s Trillion dollar stimulus bomb was a complete disaster.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi tripled the national deficit last year by nearly a trillion dollars – something unheard of in our nation’s history.

After an unheard of record deficit last year of $1.4 Trillion the democrats managed to compile a $1.3 Trillion deficit this year.


Instead of focusing on the economy the past two years the radicals in Washington beat up on business and rammed through an unpopular nationalized health care entitlement program. Today 61% of voters want the democratic law repealed.

Today, at a rally for far left Democrat Russ Feingold, the First Lady begged voters for more time to forge change.
The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

US First Lady Michelle Obama yesterday poignantly said she felt the economic anxiety of hurting Americans, but pleaded with them to give her husband more time to forge the change he promised.

“I think that many of us came into this expecting to see all the change we talked about happen at once, right away, the minute Barack walked through the Oval Office door,” she said…

“I know that a lot of folks are still hurting, I know that for a lot of folks, change hasn’t come fast enough.”

The First Lady was making her debut on the 2010 campaign trail, three weeks ahead of congressional elections in which voters are expected to inflict heavy losses on Democrats which could stall her husbands reform agenda.

“We all understood that change takes struggle, and sacrifice and compromise,” Obama said, campaigning for endangered Democratic Senator Russ Feingold in midwestern Wisconsin.

With pollsters pointing to an “enthusiasm gap” between Barack Obama’s supporters and conservatives outraged by his presidency, the White House is trying to drive the president’s diverse, youthful coalition to the polls.

“In the end, our campaign was never just about just pulling one man and putting him into the White House,” she said, urging supporters to remember how the election night in 2008 and Obama’s inauguration in January 2009.

“We were excited, we were energised, we were hopeful … and the truth is, we have that same chance – and we have that same responsibility – today.”

Obama said she came to the campaign “as a Mom” and realised what was at stake.

“I see it in the child whose dad has just been deployed and is trying to hard to be brave for his younger brothers and sisters.”

“I see it in the child stuck in a crumbling school, who looks around and wonders ‘what on earth is this going to mean for my future?

She sounds a bit ridiculous talking about the suffering of the average American. After all, she just returned from a royal vacation in southern Spain.

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