Report: Steny Hoyer Knuckle-Punched GOP Opponent in the Back (Video)

During last week’s debate Democrat Majority Leader Steny Hoyer threatened his GOP opponent Charles Lollar telling the Republican, “I’m coming after you.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Now there are new allegations… According to a local reporter Hoyer actually knuckle punched Charles Lollar in the back during the debate.

Video of the Lollar for Congress press conference on Tuesday where Charles Lollar addresses his allegation that Steny Hoyer threatened him last Wednesday. A new allegation that Hoyer “knuckle punched” him in the back starts at 4:55 in the video. (Video Source: Lollar Campaign)

Southern Maryland Online
reported on the latest allegations against Majority Leader Steny Hoyer:

On Monday Charles Lollar’s campaign issued a press release stating incumbent Steny Hoyer said to Lollar, “I’m coming after you,” and then repeated the words after Lollar dismissed them with a smile. Hoyer’s spokesperson, Maureen Beach, denied the words were ever said. The alleged interchange occurred last Wednesday in Waldorf during the Charles County Chamber of Commerce candidate’s forum.

Lollar held a press conference Tuesday in Bowie to discuss the incident, at which time a question from the audience brought forth another allegation. The questioner said he believed he had witnessed Hoyer make a “knuckle punch to your (Lollar’s) back” and asked Lollar to confirm the incident. The man said he was sitting in the front videotaping the forum when he witnessed Hoyer make the aforementioned statement and the subsequent “punch.”

Lollar spokesperson Patt Parker told today that she could not identify the person who posed the question, but believed he was a reporter from So. Maryland Today, formerly St. Mary’s Today. According to their editor, she had several reporters at the press conference, but could not confirm if the man asking the question was theirs. The man was off camera.

“I could of swore, towards that end, just about shortly after he made that remark to you, that there was like a knuckle punch to your back. Were my eyes, am I that blind, did I make that up or was he, was he giving you kind of a goad there?” stated the questioner.

“You are not making that up,” responded Lollar. “It was done not just once, but twice.”

That’s wild. We all could see Pelosi knuckle punch her opponent, but Hoyer? Maybe he is a true democrat after all?

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