Linda McMahon Slams Vietnam Liar Richard Blumenthal in Latest Ad (Video)

Republican senatorial candidate Linda McMahon slammed her democratic opponent today for fabricating his military record.
Via HotAir:

The Hill reported on the ad:

Connecticut GOP Senate nominee Linda McMahon is hammering Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for misstatements about his military service record amid polls that show the race between them tightening.

In a blistering new ad that the McMahon campaign says will air statewide, the Republican rebukes Blumenthal for claiming he served “in” Vietnam. Blumenthal apologized in late May for making misstatements.

“Would you lie about serving in a war?” the ad’s narrator asks. “Dick Blumenthal did again and again … He lied about Vietnam. What else is he lying about?”

In the ad, Blumenthal is shown saying, “We have learned something very important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”

Most polls show Blumenthal and McMahon running in a close race, with Blumenthal leading only by single digits despite the state’s liberal tilt. Before the controversy over his service record began, Blumenthal led McMahon by over 20 points in polls.

McMahon’s campaign dropped the ad hours before a debate with Blumenthal Monday night. A McMahon aide told The New York Times that the timing of the ad was meant to throw Blumenthal off.

“It’s another desperate attack from a losing campaign with nothing to say,” Blumenthal’s campaign manager, Mindy Meyers, said in a statement.

You’ve gotta love Blumenthal’s response… “pointing out my lies is a desperate attack from a losing campaign.”

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