Liberal Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill Insists Carnahan & Conway Will Pull Upsets (Video)

Misssouri’s liberal pro-Obama Senator Claire McCaskill told FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace that Roy Blunt and Rand Paul will not likely win in two weeks.
Fat chance.
Far left “windgate” democrat Robin Carnahan is down nearly 10 points to Republican Roy Blunt in the latest polls.
Conservative Rand Paul holds an 11 point lead over his liberal challenger.

Senator Cornyn was a huge disappointment today during his match-up with McCaskill. He continued to allow McCaskill to spew her liberal talking points unchallenged. Hopefully he’ll grow a spine or Texas will replace him the next time around.

Related… Robin Carnahan’s supporters have become so desperate that they’ve resorted to slapping nonsensical flyers on cars in the St. Louis Symphony parking lot.

It was not appreciated.
Hat Tip Ed

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