Krauthammer: "It's Not Surprising Obama Doesn't Know What a Shovel Ready Project Is. He's Never Worked in the Private Sector" (Video)

Krauthammer Was Shovel Ready Tonight–

Obama admitted today that there is no such thing as a shovel ready job.
Krauthammer let him have it tonight on Special Report.

Charles Krauthammer:

“Well that is quite an admission. You know, a year and a half and half a trillion dollars later he says these things that I talked about endlessly don’t exist. It’s not actually surprising that he doesn’t know what a shovel ready project is. Having never worked in the private sector he wouldn’t be sure what a project is and there isn’t a lot of shoveling at Harvard Law School.” So I can understand that this was one of the greatest “Oops” in American history. And it’s going to be hard for a democrat when you show one tape against another. They’re goint to say, “So you supported a trillion dollars offered by a president who didn’t even know that this stuff that this stuff is not going to happen?”

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