Karl Rove: "Robin Carnahan Is Flailing Away at Roy Blunt – She's Going Down Badly" (Video)

“She’s flailing away at Roy Blunt. She’s going down and going down badly.”

Former Bush advisor and FOX News contributor Karl Rove told Hannity viewers tonight that after watching the Blunt – Carnahan debate this past weekend, it was obvious that Robin Carnahan was flailing.

Karl Rove on Robin Carnahan:

Could we go back for a second to that Missouri Senate race? I think you had a great take there that shows what’s happening now when democrats begin to lose. Robin Carnahan is flailing away at Roy Blunt. She is going down and going down badly. And this showed to me in her debate performance. She was the aggressor which people who are behind need to do. But, she was just throwing haymakers left and right that weren’t hitting. At one point she said Blunt had gotten an earmark in order to get a ride on a campaign plane, in order to do this and that. Blunt said, “Wait a minute. None of that happened that way. I didn’t didn’t support the earmark. The democrats voted for the budget where it was included. I didn’t fly on the company’s plane. I had nothing whatsoever to do with this.”

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