Jamie Foxx at USC Rally Reminds Dems How Tired They Are of Defending Obama – Starts Chant "We're Not Exhausted!" (Video)

Nice work, Jamie…
Comedian Jamie Foxx was in rare form yesterday at the Obama-Boxer USC OFA Union Rally. Foxx reminded the Obama supporters what a huge disappointment he’s been. He mentioned the exhausted woman Velma Hart who is so tired and exhausted and broke defending Obama and his failed policies.

Then Foxx got everyone to chant, “We’re not exhausted!” after they had been standing for two hours waiting for Obama who was running way behind schedule.

Comedy gold:

At one point, paramedics were seen carrying a woman away from the area closest to the stage. Obama fatigue.


Do suppose any of these USC Obama kids understand that if you’re under 30 you only have a 13% chance of getting full social security benefits?

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