Is It Acceptable to Call a Woman "B*tch" NOW?

The sham women’s rights group NOW is silent on the offensive and sexist attacks against Republican Sharron Angle.

So far this week unhinged leftist Joy Behar has called Republican Senatorial Candidate Sharron Angle a “b*tch” at least twice on the daytime show “The View.” The anti-Christian Behar also said Sharron Angle is “going to hell.”

And, so far this week the sham women’s rights group NOW has not condemned the outrageous attacks on the conservative woman.
If you search on the NOW website for “Behar” you find this:

They have two glowing articles on the offensive leftist Behar.


Earlier this month a top NOW official called Republican Meg Whitman a whore.

So, is it acceptable to call women b*tches and wh*res NOW?
According to NOW it is.

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