Illegal Alien & Liar Nicky Diaz Sues Whitman for $6,210 – Claims Whitman Did Not Buy Her Baby a Present

Advice to Republicans: Watch who you hire to clean your home, yard or office, even if you go through an agency. If the employee lies on his/her application, presents false documents and winds up being an illegal alien it will be your fault. Then they will sue you. Those are the new rules of the game. And, please thank Gloria Allred and democrats.

Illegal alien and liar Nicky Diaz and her lawyer, democrat and publicity hound Gloria Allred, are now suing Meg Whitman for $6,210.
Yes– $6,210.
She also claims that, although she made $23 per hour, Whitman did not buy a present for her newborn baby. She said she spoke out on behalf of other undocumented workers who are exploited by their employers.

Greta posted the claim today:

In case ICE is having a hard time finding this illegal, they can start by checking out the address on the form.

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