Huh?… Barney Frank Brings in Dukakis For Closing Argument

Sean Bielat is sprinting to the finish line. His crowds are massive and excited.

But across town the mood is much different.
Fleming and Hayes reported:

In a last-minute move of desperation, Barney Frank called in former governor and presidential-nominee, Michael Dukakis, to help him rally support…amongst his base in the liberal town of Brookline (well, maybe not so liberal anymore).   Finding a Barney Frank event these days is harder to do than one might think. Despite the fact that Frank is truly fighting the reelection campaign of his life to republican challenger Sean Bielat, he’s staying peculiarly quiet and randomly popping up at small events amongst democrats.  Ever since we organize a counter-rally to protest former President Bill Clinton’s visit to stump for Frank, Barney has avoided publicly announcing his campaign events, choosing to instead attend events with other (more popular?)  candidates.

We finally tracked the elusive congressman down when we went undercover at an early morning democrat GOTV (get out the vote) rally in Brookline, MA. It gave an interesting perspective to be amongst the most “energized” of the democrat base, to hear what liberals have to say when they think no one is listening. Imagine our surprise when it was just more of the same! This could have simply been called a “Blame Bush” rally. The only refreshing aspect was the Dukakis angle, which meant that, for a change, George Bush Sr. (and even Reagan) shared some of the blame. Frank, on the other hand, stuck to the current talking points of a typical progressive: lashing out at Bush, the Republicans and the Tea Party.

Here’s Dukakis lashing out at Bush, Bush and Reagan.

What a dirge. That was sad.


Meanwhile… Across town Sean Bielat brought in big dog Senator Scott Brown and the crowd was fired up.

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