Hmm… Barack Obama Rushing to Delaware to Campaign for Coons This Weekend

But… But… This race was supposed to be a lock?

Christine O’Donnell sliced the Bearded Marxist‘s lead in half in one week.

That’s weird. Barack Obama is rushing back to blue state Delaware to campaign with Chris Coons this weekend.
Via American Glob:

RUSH: Obama is back to Delaware tomorrow. There is a new poll. The Monmouth University poll. Christine O’Donnell is within ten points. Two weeks ago she was down 57-38. She is within ten points. Coons has backed out of the final two debates, and in the Monmouth University poll, Christine O’Donnell is winning independents 47 to 42. In Delaware, there are a lot of Democrats fed up with the direction of the country who are going to vote Republican or who aren’t going to vote.

Chris Coons was sued three times in 2007 for retaliating against public employees for their political views.

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