Once Again- Greta Takes Down Gloria Allred: "You Know What Gloria… If You Can't Protect the Client You Shouldn't Do the Job" (Video)

Similar Situation – Similar Results
Greta Van Susteren and Gloria Allred went back at it tonight on FOX News. Greta schooled the Brown supporter and democratic hack. Allred is hoping that her hit piece on Meg Whitman will flip the California Governor’s race.

As you listen to the video it’s clear that Allred’s only goal is to flip the election and trash Meg Whitman- nothing else.


“I think she would have been a lot smarter to talk to a lawyer who worried about whether she would be deported than some sort of public statement on someone running for office… You know what Gloria? The first thing for a lawyer to do is to protect the client not throw the client out to the wolves. If you can’t protect the client you shouldn’t do the job… You can’t just keep making this stuff up.”

Gloria Allred does not do much for her profession.

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