Crackpot WaPo Reporter Sally Quinn: Americans Think Obama's Muslim Because He's Black (Video)

Crackpot WaPo reporter Sally Quinn outdid herself tonight on The O’Reilly Factor. The far left Obama apologist told Bill O’Reilly that (white) Americans think Obama is Muslim because he’s black.

“They think Obama’s Muslim. They don’t even know what it means.”

Elitist Sally Quinn lectures ignorant Americans:

“Well let’s start with religion first. I think the whole idea of Obama being a Muslim has been a huge issue between blacks and whites because 18% or 20% of Americans think Obama’s a Muslim. They don’t even know what that means. But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian. So I think that there’s an element of religious bigotry involved.”

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